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Good Sources of Employment

If you are moving to Calgary, here are a few good sources of employment. Support service careers are popular in Calgary and these jobs include healthcare positions, food service workers, and administrative workers at Calgary businesses and educational institutions as well as government offices. Energy is another major source of steady jobs in Calgary and some people work as engineers and geologists. Meanwhile green jobs are gaining popularity among Calgary residents.

Tips on Opening a Business in Calgary

In light of what was stated in the previous paragraphs about how well Calgary is doing economically, you may decide to relocate to here to start a business and possibly invest in real estate for rental purposes.  After you researched your business idea and determined that it would be viable for the neighborhood you are moving to, you would contact the city's Building and Approvals office to begin the process. You will also have to get fire and health inspections done. Finally, you would get a business license and a tax number is also required.

Activities for Kids in Calgary

If you are moving to Calgary with kids, you want to have them enjoy some of the local activities. Calaway Park is a well-known playing field in this area that attracts a lot of families each year. There are merry-go-rounds, go-karts and lots of food stands at this park. There is also the Calgary Tower where the kids can visit a science center on the inside of the tower. The Aero Space Museum of Calgary is another great place to take kids. The Calgary Zoo is a must for kids who love learning about animals.

Neat Facts about Calgary for New Residents

The Mercer Quality of Living survey stated that Calgary is the most eco-friendly city in the world as it relates to availability of water, reduction in traffic congestion and effectiveness of the sewage system. The Trans Canada Pipeline was constructed in 1956 and was the world's longest pipeline for decades. The Calgary Flames came about in 1978 but did not win a Stanley Cup until 1989. The Calgary Stampede, a popular annual rodeo, is considered one of the best rodeos in the world.

How to Find Information on Restaurants and Bars in Calgary

If you just arrived in the area and want to know about the best restaurants and bars in the city, you can start by reading a few local arts and entertainment magazines because you will find a few reviews of various venues in Calgary. Another idea is to ask a few locals at work or in your neighborhood, and you can read reviews on Calgary-based entertainment websites. You can also talk with relatives who lived in the city for a few years for advice.

Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent in Calgary

If you have lived in an apartment since relocating to Calgary and you are now ready to purchase a home here, you will need to find a great real estate agent. Make sure the real estate agent is licensed and that he has several years of experience in the market. You want to interview different realtors and mention the specific things you want in a home and which neighborhood you prefer to live in.

Calgary Herald

New residents to Calgary will quickly realize that the Calgary Herald is one of the best-known newspapers in Calgary. This newspaper was founded in the 1880s and you can also read stories from the Calgary Herald on the company's website. Here you will find out information on local politics in Calgary, education issues and community events.

Calgary Olympic Park

Calgary hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics and if you have lived in Calgary for a few months, you may have heard about the Calgary Olympic Park, which is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. This park is not just a silent monument to Calgary's contribution to the Olympic Games; several sporting events are held here at times and you can take snowboarding and ski lessons. In the summer, people engage in mountain biking and other warm weather activities. The Olympic Hall of Fame is also a must see.

Other Events in Calgary

The Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival is a popular animation festival that is held during the first week of November each year. You will see great animation pieces from independent animation artists from Canada and other countries. There is also the Winter Festival that is held every second week in January. You can attend the annual Wine Festival every summer and there is the Mosaic Culture Festival that promotes the diversity of residents here.

What about Diversity in Calgary?

There are people from all walks of life in Calgary and while the city as a whole tries to celebrate cultural differences of its residences, there are select people within the city that may express discrimination towards those of other backgrounds. Thankfully these are occasional instances rather than the norm in Calgary.


When you relocate to Calgary, you will find a relaxing atmosphere and since the economy is gradually improving, this is a good time to move there and find employment or start businesses. Another good thing about Calgary is that there are plenty of activities for kids and the schools offer high quality education. Calgary is a metropolitan city but you can get a slice of rural life if you visit one of the parks or hang out near one of the lakes or rivers. Calgary has long winters and short summers but despite it, residents are proud to call this city home because it offers all that Canada's natural resources have to offer. When you arrive here, be sure to get to know your neighbors and you should also drive around your chosen neighborhood to learn about it more. Finally, have fun in your new environment and savor everything that Calgary has for its' residents.

Overview of Neighborhoods in Southeast Calgary

Here is more information concerning the above described neighborhoods in Calgary. These neighborhoods are located in the Southeastern part of Calgary and here are some of the attractions that these neighborhoods are situated near. The Calgary Stampede and Exhibition Park has fairs such as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth and it is home to the Saddledome where sports matches are held. Most of the Southeastern Calgary neighborhoods are also located near Fish Creek Park and it is Canada's largest urban park. It also has numerous prairies within it. The Bow River is popular for boating and fishing activities.

Of all of the above mentioned neighborhoods in Southeastern Calgary, local Calgary real estate agents and experts have mentioned which neighborhoods are the best to live in and these are Auburn Bay, Inglewood, Ramsay and Mahogany. The agents and experts chose these areas because of affordability, proximity to lakes and Calgary's downtown areas, quality of schools and available activities.

Wrapping up

Southeastern Calgary offers a balanced mix of old school charm with progressive cultural changes and this is why people of all ages are relocating to this section of the city. Not all of the homes in Southeastern Calgary neighborhoods are modernized but instead you will find Victorian-style homes, classic townhomes and Craftsman homes as is the case in the neighborhood of McKenzie Town. There is also diversity in the price offered for these homes ranging from $400,000 to almost a million dollars depending on the Southeastern Calgary neighborhood you want to live in. The Southeastern section of Calgary is also a great place to work for several reasons. When you need a break from a hectic day at work, you can go fishing, boating, swimming and hiking in this section's lakes, parks and rivers. You will also enjoy the many festivals that southeastern Calgary has to offer such as the folk and blues festivals. Calgary also offers excellent employment opportunities in diverse industries.

If you decide to relocate to one of the above mentioned southeastern Calgary neighborhoods, you will notice the long winters and short summers regarding the climate in Calgary overall. This is why skiing is a popular activity among residents of these neighborhoods. During winter Calgary gets almost unbearable cold weather and there are also hot and dry winds that pass over Calgary from the Pacific Ocean. However, Calgary gets an adequate amount of sun daily.

Another benefit of living in these southeastern Calgary neighborhoods is its' dedication to eco-friendliness. The city government places a high value on recycling and reducing waste and it has a type of waste reduction program that goes through trash to find products that people failed to recycle by accident and then recycle those items. Some of the units in southeastern Calgary are also considered green according to city standards.

Those living in southeastern Calgary neighborhoods also enjoy hanging out in the Bow River and one of several popular activities affiliated with the Bow River is trout fishing. This is a great way to enjoy Calgary's natural beauty while obtaining the fish needed for enjoyment on the dinner table.

Another good activity to engage in when you relocate to one of the neighborhoods in southeastern Calgary is the Spruce Meadows equestrian facility because here you can go on horse rides and get basic equestrian lessons. This is good news for those who love to ride on horses or who want to teach their kids the art of equestrian riding.

Here is some advice on buying a home or renting in one of these southeastern Calgary neighborhoods such as Inglewood or Acadia. You will need to consider your annual income then determine how much you can afford based on your weekly income. You would then contact a realtor who is familiar with housing in these neighborhoods and mention all of the things you want in a home. From this point you would tour different homes until you find one you like and then you would negotiate with the seller of the home. You want to choose a home that is near your place of employment and that is spacious enough for your family and pets.

Not all who relocate to the southeastern neighborhoods in Calgary want to live in single family or multi family homes. For the urban professional who plans to move to a suburban southeastern Calgary neighborhood such as Auburn Bay, you can move in a condo because it offers trouble-free living at a decent price. You don't have to pay a fortune on home maintenance and the condo fees are not very high. Some condos allow for pets and you have access to downtown Calgary, which is a plus.

Overall, each of the neighborhoods in southeast Calgary has its' own flavor and culture but when you combine these neighborhoods together, you get a well-blended view of what life in Canada is like. From the outdoor activities you can enjoy to the shopping centers that exist, southeastern neighborhoods in Calgary are laid-back and family friendly, and this is why couples with children often move to these areas.  Downtown Calgary is not far from these neighborhoods and this is why it is ideal for those who work downtown.

Southeastern neighborhoods in Calgary are also diverse as some of these areas are getting larger numbers of immigrants. This is a good thing because diversity is a major part of the makeup of Calgary altogether. Some of the immigrants come from places such as the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and the UK as well as the United States. In addition, you have a mix of retirees and younger families who live in the southeastern areas of Calgary.

The interesting fact about these neighborhoods in southeastern Calgary is that with the exception of a few neighborhoods, most of them are fairly new and were constructed between the 1980s and early 2000s. This shows that Calgary overall is growing by leaps and bounds and this is good news for Calgary's economy overall. Prior to the 1980s, much of southeast Calgary was somewhat of a sleepy area but once private developers built homes and businesses here, things turned around for the good. Nowadays you see a large number of restaurants, parks, nightclubs, condos, and tourist-based centers in the southeastern sections of Calgary and this has transformed Calgary's reputation as a popular place to live and visit. Finally, this section is eclectic yet traditional at the same time.